About us

Master machine builder Heiner Rehnen and his family welcome you to the website of Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH!

The Company

We are a medium-sized company whose wood-processing machinery and practical inventions have helped a wide range of companies to simplify their daily work. Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH is a future-oriented company that focuses its ideas and work on the aims and needs of its customers.

Our commercial activities are supported at all levels by a goal-oriented management and the *high level of motivation and methodical expertise *of our employees.

Our extensive experience and ingenuity enable us to offer our partners targeted support in solving problems.

The aim of our company is to use our highly-specialised expertise, comprehensive advice and innovative commercial solutions to help our customers boost their company's on-going success.

The continual and steady expansion of our know-how has made Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH one of the leading suppliers of wood-processing/sanding and construction machinery of all kinds in Germany and around the world.

Company History

Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH is a family-owned and operated company which was initially founded in Papenburg in the late 1950s before moving to its present location in Heede/Ems in 1992. The company has exhibited its products internationally at trade fairs since 1995. The development of the profile-shaping and sanding machine and the SK1 were genuine milestones in profile grinding technology and enabled Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH to get closer to its goal of making the “best profile-shaping and sanding machines in the world”. Many international contacts and continuously high product-quality have also reinforced the company's position in overseas markets and, over the past years, have enabled it to keep growing. Last but not least, many attempts have been made to copy our sophisticated machinery, mostly with only mediocre success. This is due to the fact that quality and lasting durability are the outstanding features of Rehnen machinery.

Since 1999 the company has operated a second division which buys and sells used machinery, repairs and restores construction machinery and bolt-on attachments. As a result, Europe's largest supplier of attachments and accessories is now housed on the company's property. In this area, too, the company relies on its expertise, quality and all employees learning the job from scratch. The workshop employees, who have worked for our company for many years, are currently training two apprentices to become precision engineers and an office employee is training as a clerk in wholesaling and foreign trade. Employing several generations in mechanical engineering and sales has also proved its worth. The young people benefit from the experience and knowledge of the older employees, while at the same time bringing different ideas and a breath of fresh air to the company.

Our Company Policies Determine our Ideas and Work:

1. Quality and reliability have top priority in all our goods and services.
2. Our aim is finding the ideal solution for our customers.
3. We never stop learning. We constantly expand our knowledge through continuing training and development and the ongoing exchange of information about new experiences. We diligently test the latest technologies and processes for their potential usefulness on behalf of our partners and customers.
4. We solve the challenges in our work by combining proven methods with innovative concepts, including the principle of energy-efficient, technical solutions.
5. In order to achieve joint success we are always open, honest and constructive with those with whom we work. This applies both within the company and to our customers, partners and competitors. We focus on long term and trusting relationships with our employees, customers and partners alike.
6. Our ability to think ahead and our collective initiative and sense of joint responsibility enable all of us to contribute personally to the commercial success of Maschinenbau Rehnen GmbH.