Automatic Edging Machine KBA/M


Rehnen Kantenbearbeitungsautomat KBA/M

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• edging of all metals and non-ferrous metals in continuous operation
• edging, chamfering an grinding
• oscillating edging aggregate, the edging aggregate oscillates steplessly between 30 – 130 mm
• guided transport on heavy slat conveyor
• varying material thicknesses can be adjusted centrally by means of a jog wheel
• all aggregate options available

• heavy solid steel construction
• feeding of workpiece by conveyor belt
• drive by spur wheel geared engine
• material thicknesses adjustable by means of a hand wheel
• telescopic roller track in front

Sanding unit:
- oscillated sanding and finish sanding by contact roll and sanding pad
• the whole sanding unit is oscillating by 30 mm up and down
• motor capacity 3 kW

Profile sanding unit:
• profile sanding with usual in trade sanding belts over insertion controlled air-cooled steel shoe
• other equipments possible upon request

Technical data:
material thickness: 0 – 80 mm
material lenght: min. 200 mm
material width: min. 40 mm
feed speed: approx. 6 m/min
sanding belt size (edge-sanding): 2000×150 mm
sanding belt size (profile-sanding): 1960 × 30 mm
total capacity: 6,5 kW
weight: approx. 900 kg
dimensions: 3200×720×1390 mm
exhaust-Ø: 1 x d =160 mm


Mr. Christian Schmeier
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