Sanding and polish machine PSM-1



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The sanding and polish machine PSM 1 is
designed for a wide range of surface finishing tasks –
but the PSM really comes into its own when used for
sanding moulded parts.
The mounting spindle can accommodate a wide
range of brush tools or sanding drums.
An optional continuously variable speed controller
allows operators to choose exactly the right speed.

Optional accessories:
• Continuously variable speed controller

Technical data:

motor power: 2,2 kW
r.p.m.: 750/1500 or 1500/3000
shaft Ø: 30 mm
max. abrasive-Ø: 350 mm
max. abrasive width: 275 mm
required place: 1500 × 800 mm
weigth: 200 kg
exhaust-Ø: 2 × 160 mm

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