Ponceuse de bois rond RSM-1


Rundholzschleifmaschine RSM-1

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Sanding machine especially for round wood for example: flagpole, horticultural timber, playground woods etc.
• complete job on one run (continuous machine)
• workpiece runs by a adjustable feeder thru the sanding
belt (more then one sanding unit possible)
• conveyor by roller track is available in different sizes
• the standard machine has a roller track of 4m on each side of sanding unit.

Technical data:

motor power: 3,74 kW
size of sanding belts: 150 × 2280 mm
speed of belt: 22 m/sec.
required place: variabel x
weight: ca. 800 kg
exhaust-Ø: 100 mm

Carnet d'adresses

M. Christian Schmeier
Numéro de téléphone: 0049 (0) 4963 3459723

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