Rehnen MR-1


Rehnen Maschinenbau Metallschleifmaschine R1/M

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Upper section in difficult splash execution with inserted three-phase current engine 380 V, 3 kW, 2850 u/min; the engine is fitted out with inserted star triangle switch; engine protection switch and main switch after VDE; masses the sanding beld rear wall 870 × 180 mms; the steel table is adjustable by feather pressure by the height (with height-adjustable oscillation the engine has a firm(fixed) steel table); tape: 150 × 2280 mms; the Schleifbandrückwand is pasted with a graphite-Gleitbelag; the engine is supplied with an assortment sanding belts; in addition in the extent of supply is contained a corner and mitre notice. Connected with a central withdrawal system the machine is dust proofed.

Technical data:

motor Power: 3 kW
size of ssanding belts: 150 × 2280 mm
speed of belt: 22 m/sec.
table size: 750 × 350 mm
required place: 1000 × 800 mm
weight: ab 200 kg
exhaust-Ø: 100 mm

+ Solid grey cast sanding unit
+ Steel table adjustable in height by spring pressure
+ Dustproof as to GS / CE

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M. Christian Schmeier
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